Just Between Us

A letter from Debbie

What a ride!  There is no way that I would ever think that God would be using my crazy past to nurture women & families from all walks of life.  From the church lady (which I am now) LOL…to the women in transition from  divorce, abuse, widowed, drug addiction, relationship addictions, prison – just to name a few.

​My journey began with a single step toward the Savior…and it has been one step at a time since then. He longs for YOU to walk with Him in Authentic community.

And that is exactly what we are. Authentic Community in all its glorious mess!

​We need each other. It makes the journey less lonely, not so dark, and it allows us to help one another in the process. We are loving and serving one another as God has commanded us to.

​Sure hope to see you and ……

​Thanks for jumping on this bus with me!

Want to know me more personally?

I have been through enough tough times that even though I thought or “knew” I could handle things myself, what I needed was some One on One Coaching. I didn’t have all the answers, I needed guidance and a person to hear my heart.

Difficult decisions, facing tough changes, the death of a loved one, divorce, addictions, either in the family or self, co-dependency and the list goes on.

Just Between Us is an opportunity to talk things out One on One.
My heart’s reach ranges from the man or woman seeking direction to the person stuck at home with chronic pain and a bottle of pain meds with a feeling hopelessness.

I am a survivor of two sibling suicides, alcoholism; co-dependency and domestic abuse just to name a few: You need to know you are not alone and there is a way out!

There is a future waiting for you to step in to!

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